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Wig-O-Mania the 1st UK brand to have its offices and stores in India realizes the value that it’s products bring to clients – specially those who suffer from hair loss.

Every woman’s ‘Crowning Glory’ – the apparent loss of hair causes tremendous psychological trauma that results not only in low self-esteem but also seclusion from society. This adversely affects whatever medical treatment they undergo.

The management of Wig-O-Mania considers its Corporate Social Responsibility with passion in view of the value and effect that its products will have on hair loss sufferers. It wants to focus on the under-privileged, who undergo chemotherapy and cannot afford a hair piece.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Mrs Vandana Gupta

Founder & Leader of  V Care


A cancer survivor with a never-back-down attitude, she has dedicated herself to help those battling this terrifying disease with an astute resolution to serve, support and help fight it.

V Care Foundation is a voluntary support group dedicated to providing free help, hope, awareness and education to cancer patients and their families through outreach programs and services that improve the quality of their lives.

We have a special and exclusive arrangement with “V Care Foundation” a NGO in Mumbai to whom wigs are given at half the manufacturing cost.

Dr Renuka Ramakrishnan



The renowned philanthropist who has relentlessly been working  for the upliftment of the underprivileged and towards creating Breast Cancer awareness, has agreed to tie-up with Wig-O-Mania, to promote our cause of providing hair loss sufferers with a mane of confidence.

Wig-O-Mania offers special pricing to the patients and clients she recommends, and 5% of the sales will be donated to her Trust, that goes a long way in changing many lives.

Ms Vasundhra Ravi

Beauty Therapist & Hairdresser


A renowned household name and face in Tamil Nadu shares Wig-O-Mania’s passion to support and serve the underprivileged. She is already involved in various social activities such as teaching beauty therapy and hair dressing to under privileged women with the aim of women empowerment. With a vision of empowering all, Vasundhra has participated in the Thai project by training transgenders in beauty therapy and hairdressing, as a part of Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation and VHS Hospitals to enable them to start their own business.


Message from CEO

Hair loss causes psychological trauma that far exceeds the physical pain. We realise that not all who suffer from it can afford a hair piece. We are particularly targeting teenage girls whose education could get affected or newly weds whose marital lives may be strained.

We are working on similar tie-ups with like minded individuals, doctors and NGOs who share our passion to make a difference in the lives of those who need a hair piece but cannot afford it.

Our belief being that the desire of every woman is the same, irrespective of her economic status. Hence our endeavour is to ensure that no woman is denied a product that will have a positive impact on her self esteem and treatment.

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