Ladies Toupee for Alopecia

Ladies suffering from scanty hair, balding patches over larger areas on the head, crown area and also below the crown due to Alopecia and other medical and non-medical reasons need a specially designed hairpiece that we call a Ladies Toupee. These are Hair Patches that sit neatly on the bald areas attached with clips to the own hair. These come in various specs and sizes of base, and lengths of hair. It is easy to fit and use with basic knowledge. It’s after care is minimal with a long life span too as its made in Natural Hair.

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Ladies Toupee with Mono Base

This is a high end product made from the finest quality of Remy Human Hair that has a base similar to men’s toupee. It is monofilament, which means that each hair is hand-knotted on the mono base that gives a very natural look as if hair is growing from the scalp. It is mainly used by ladies suffering from acute Hair Loss above the forehead and up to the crown area mainly due to Alopecia. They come in 16 to 20” hair length and base size of 5*7” and 6*8”