Wigs and Hairpieces (Hair Extensions) are very big business at the moment and have become a status symbol. The very fact that all the celebrities endorse using wigs, hairpieces or extensions gives these products celebrity status, hence every young lady wants them.

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Fashion Pony

They are the superb answer to instant convenience hair.  This is the ideal answer to holiday hair.  You can be on the beach, in the swimming pool and not have to worry about your hair for the evening.  Even if it is covered in sun cream, you can do a quick shampoo whilst in the shower. Give it a quick dry and then tie it back in a ponytail and put on your hairpiece for instant glam. The same can be said if you are at work and want to go out in the evening and haven’t got time to visit the hairdressers.  Work all day come home and pop on your Ponytail quicker than having to do your own hair.

  • We have a wide range of styles, colours and textures readily available.