Wigs and Hairpieces (Hair Extensions) are very big business at the moment and have become a status symbol. The very fact that all the celebrities endorse using wigs, hairpieces or extensions gives these products celebrity status, hence every young lady wants them.

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Cupid V-Patch Clip & Go Extensions

These are our latest innovation for Clip & Go Extensions focused and designed specially for ladies who suffer from Scanty Hair or Hair Fall behind the crown area but still want long and voluminous hair. This sits squarely on the crown area hence does not put pressure on the scalp. It also covers up one’s scanty hair in the front area and covers grey hair growth too. Hence this is a multi-purpose versatile hair piece.

  • They can be made into any colour, length and texture.
  • Readily available are in 22” double drawn.
  • Colours available are Natural Black, Dark Brown, Warm Brown and Chessnut Brown.
  • Textures available are Straight, Natural Wave, Body Wave and Water Wave